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Malignant tumor is a serious disease that endangers human health. Conventional anti-tumor chemotherapy drugs are easy to resist and have adverse reactions. Due to the characteristics of light adverse reactions, low molecular weight and strong targeting, polypeptide molecules have gradually become an important direction in the research of anti-tumor drugs, diagnostic probes and targeted delivery.

RGD(Arg-Gly-Asp) peptide exists in a variety of biological extracellular matrix, can specifically recognize and bind to integrins on the surface of tumor cells, and can be used as a competitive inhibitor of RGD peptides in vivo, which can inhibit the adhesion and migration of tumor cells to extracellular matrix, inhibit tumor angiogenesis, and induce tumor cell apoptosis. RGD peptide can play an important role in targeted tumor therapy as a carrier, and has potential application value in tumor imaging and tumor therapy.

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