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Prokaryotic expression system (e. coli expression system) is the first gene expression in development, the most widely used classic expression system, in recent decades, e. coli expression system is also constantly develop and perfect, be of scientific research and industrial users for a huge variety of recombinant protein expression. Compared with other expression system, has the purpose gene expression level is high, short training period, the anti-pollution ability is strong, the cost is relatively low.
Strong yao creatures in the ten years of technology accumulation, attention to detail and perfect the process, for clients to solve various technical problems in the original nucleoprotein express, submitted to customer success every year thousands of protein expression program, provides a strong technical support for scientific research clients.

Service Items Content Deliverables Delivery Date
The gene synthesis Gene codon optimization and synthesis primer design, build T carrier, construct cloning bacteria

T carrier and sequencing report 1 to 2 weeks
Genes and cloning Construction of expression vector, choose a suitable carrier

Expression vector and sequencing reports

1 week
E. coli expression strain transformation and filtering Extraction build good expression plasmid into efficient DH5 alpha, BL21 (DE3), Rosetta (DE3), select suitable strains The expression of recombinant plasmid strains and test report

1 week
The target protein expression and purification Such as time, temperature, IPTG concentration were optimized. A moderate amount of bacteria liquid, affinity purification, the detection and control of protein purity and concentration

Delivery of the target protein, 95% purity

2 weeks
Provide protein folding method, in addition to the bacterial endotoxin, freeze-dried, large-scale purification, etc.