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The preparation of polyclonal antibody takes less time and costs less than that of monoclonal antibody. It can usually be used to quickly test whether the antibody prepared by the immunogen meets the needs of research. Multiantibody is a mixture of many monoclonal antibodies from a certain point of view, and the effect of a high-quality multiantibody is often no less than or slightly better than that of a monoclonal antibody.

ChinaPeptides is specialized in antibody production and customization services. It has established a series of related technology platforms and animal breeding bases with the antibody platform as the core. According to the information on various materials or sequences you provide, including proteins, polypeptides, small molecular compounds, genes, bacteria, etc., it provides multiple species including rabbits, mice, rats, goats, and antiserum, ProteinA/G affinity purified antibodies Antigen affinity purification antibody and other forms of polyclonal antibody preparation services. We can also provide rapid immunization services, reducing the immunization time to 35 days. ChinaPeptides has a first-class antigen design and antibody development team to complete antigen analysis, antigen preparation, antibody preparation and antibody purification with the fastest response speed, and finally provide you with satisfactory antibody products.

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