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A peptide library, or peptide library for short, is a collection of different peptides. Peptide libraries are widely used in the rapidly developing proteomics and related fields, such as drug development, GPCR ligand screening, protein-protein interaction, protein functional analysis, nucleic acid binding, enzyme substrate or inhibitor screening, antigen epitope screening, messenger molecule development and peptide/protein signal answering, etc., all of which require high quality peptide libraries.
To meet the different purity demands for multiple applications, we have developed two library service packages: Crude and Purified Peptide Library.

Note: * Delivery time refers to working days; If the number of polypeptide strips is more, the production time will be extended appropriately;
** can be delivered in peptide pool form upon request.

Antibody epitope mapping and validation

Protein-peptide binding assay

Peptide biological assay

T-cell epitope discovery

T-cell epitope mapping and validation

Peptide vaccine development

Vaccine efficacy testing

Immune monitoring

Optimization and validation of T-cell assays

Cell therapy approaches