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ChinaPeptides(QYAOBIO), a technology-based company focusing on biomedical scientific research, has provided diversified services such as peptide synthesis, protein expression, and antibody preparation to more than 30,000+ customers around the world.
From a rookie of biomedical technology companies to the backbone of today's industry, ChinaPeptides(QYAOBIO) has always adhered to the values of "being a real person and doing things with heart", polishing products with craftsmanship and helping scientific research with technological innovation. In the past 14 years, ChinaPeptides(QYAOBIO) has continuously improved the service chain, improved service capabilities, and created a professional biomedical R&D service platform with unique technical advantages.
Today, the brand has become our precious asset and the link that unites Qiangyao people, customers, partners, etc.
With the upgrading of the company's brand strategy, we hope to show a more professional and bright brand image, highlight the values of ChinaPeptides(QYAOBIO), and always use stronger R&D technology, higher product quality, and better service standards to help biomedical scientific research and innovation.

New logo, new start

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New logo definition:

The brand logo of ChinaPeptides(QYAOBIO) is inspired by the creative design of the word "Qiang", which expresses ChinaPeptides's focus on biomedical scientific research, determined to help scientific research, and realize the grand vision of strengthening enterprises and countries with science and technology;
The logo creatively combines the word "strong" with the DNA double helix structure, reflecting the industry characteristics of the biomedical high-tech industry, and also indicates that ChinaPeptides(QYAOBIO) has been focusing on biomedical scientific research, pursuing higher product quality, and constantly innovating the spirit of scientific research craftsmanship;
At the same time, the logo gives people a sense of infinite vitality, which expresses that Qiangyao people's pursuit of biomedical research and development is endless, and also reflects the unlimited potential of the biomedical field and the vigorous development of scientific and technological research and development.
As a very important logo of corporate brand, brand LOGO represents the cohesion of corporate spiritual culture, and also plays an important role in disseminating brand image and corporate culture to the public. The brand of ChinaPeptides(QYAOBIO) has completely abandoned the original brand elements and started again with a new image, which also represents that ChinaPeptides(QYAOBIO) has entered a new stage of development.
The newly designed brand logo is more in line with the corporate mission, vision and core values of Chinapeptides(QYAOBIO) in terms of visual image, and Chinapeptides(QYAOBIO) will continue to stick to its original intention, focus on biomedical research and development, and contribute to the advancement of scientific research with a stronger sense of social responsibility and higher standards.