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ChinaPeptides(QYAOBIO) is a technology-based enterprise focusing on peptide synthesis, antibody preparation and protein expression. 2020 is a special year, and the arrival of the new crown pneumonia has broken the calm of this Chinese Spring Festival in the Year of the Rat. During the anti-epidemic period, the company always cared about the epidemic and donated to Hubei as soon as possible, making a modest contribution to the fight against the epidemic.


At the same time, in the face of the epidemic, the company took up scientific weapons, raced against time to grasp R&D and production, and contributed to the prevention and control of the epidemic with professionalism and responsibility. At the height of the pandemic, the company received orders for vaccines from dozens of research institutions. Wang Xiping, the person in charge of the company, put forward: "The epidemic is an order, and it must be arranged urgently!" ”
The company contacted the Economic Development Bureau of the Development Zone and other relevant departments as soon as possible to apply for early resumption of work; At the same time, he contacted the technicians who did not leave Wujiang during the Spring Festival and asked to be on standby at any time to prepare for the early resumption of work. After approval, technicians quickly arrived at their posts and worked overtime to invest in R&D and production.


In order to ensure the safety of employees, the company quickly came up with a perfect epidemic prevention plan, strictly did a good job of comprehensive disinfection, employees entering the factory room must check body temperature, do a good job of protective measures throughout the process. After intense overtime, the first peptide order for vaccine research and development was completed and shipped on February 7, six days ahead of schedule.


Wang Xiping said: "Producing one more product is one more hope, and we must ensure quality and quantity to expedite the completion of the task, which is also the key time for our high-tech enterprises to contribute to the country."
So far, China has achieved a phased victory. However, the new crown epidemic overseas such as Europe and the United States is serious, and most of the world is fighting the new crown virus.
In the face of the epidemic, everyone is responsible! Let us work together to overcome the difficulties and resolutely win this epidemic prevention and control war!