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On October 25, 2020, Jiujiu Chongyang Festival, ChinaPeptides(QYAOBIO) Co., Ltd. organized an outdoor expansion activity for all employees of Tianping Mountain in Suzhou District. Everyone can't remember the last time they climbed the mountain, but they only know that every time after climbing the mountain, it feels like being born again, well, it's so painful and happy!


Tianping Mountain, a national 4A level scenic spot, 221 meters above sea level, high mountain, named because of the peak of the mountain, is a scenic spot with rich cultural and natural landscapes.


Entering the scenic area, the eyes are full of green, towering ancient trees, flowers and trees. The further you go, the gentle breeze and the singing of birds and flowers, as if you are in nature.


Tianping Mountain is famous for its strange rocks, clear springs and red maples, and the mountain is rugged and dangerous. Since the Tang Dynasty, Tianping Mountain has been a famous tourist attraction in the south of the Jiangnan, and famous people such as Bai Juyi, Fan Zhongyan, Tang Bohu, and the Qianlong Emperor have left behind many poems, travelogues and relics, allowing people to visit the ancient world.


Sure enough, the scenery from the heights is the most beautiful, so the sweat and effort is worth it.
Most of the people of ChinaPeptides(QYAOBIO) climbed to the top of the mountain through the "line of sky" and various "strange stones", although sweat beaded from their foreheads and their legs were sore, but when overlooking the distant scenery, only the word "worthy".
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