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  • We are an innovative scientific research team focusing on details and pursuing the ultimate, advocating the spirit of craftsmanship, and committed to providing customers with more realistic and thoughtful biomedical scientific research solutions
  • Think what customers want, urgent customers are urgent, always adhere to the "careful grinding, and strive for perfection" good quality to impress customers, with continuous innovation to help scientific research, so that medical research and develop
  • Do the customer's heart, become a trusted company in the heart of customers.
  • Really life, work hard, ingenuity research and development, strictly adhere to quality

Chinapeptides(QYAOBIO) brand identity overall to "strong" word for creative design inspiration, express the Chinapeptides(QYAOBIO) focus on biomedical scientific research, determined to help scientific research, to realize the grand vision of science and technology strong enterprises, science and technology power;

The logo will be a creative combination of the word "strong" and DNA double helix structure, reflecting the industry characteristics of the biomedical high-tech industry, but also metaphor for Chinapeptides(QYAOBIO) has been focused on the cause of biomedical research, the pursuit of higher product quality, and continuous innovation of scientific research crafters spirit;

At the same time, the logo gives people a sense of infinite extension of vitality, expressing the endless pursuit of Qiangyao people for biomedical research and development, but also reflecting the unlimited potential of the biomedical field and the vigorous development of scientific and technological research and development.