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Polypeptide biotin marker

biotin-avidin system (BAS) is a new amplification system of biological reaction, which has been applied in immunology and developed rapidly in the late 1970s. Due to its high affinity between biotin and affinity, multistage amplification effect, and organic combination with fluorescein, enzyme, isotope and other immunolabeling techniques, the specificity and sensitivity of various tracer immunoassay are further improved. It can be used for protein purification, detection, curing, drug guidance, protein structure analysis and so on.

Biotin n-hydroxybutylimide ester (Biotin-NHS), which is mainly used to label the amino group of polypeptide, is the most commonly used. Of course, biotin can also be directly labeled because of the free carboxyl group in its structure. HBTU/HOBt/DIEA method is adopted for condensation. A mixture of DMSO/DMF can be used to increase its solubility.