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Select the peptides and other products to order through the corresponding columns on the official website
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Contact the company sales to provide the required product information to the sales staff, the sales staff to quote and confirm the order;
Company calls 021-50795728, or send mail to inside@chinapeptides.com/outside@chinapeptides.com, submit the order information;
Submit detailed order information through the online order application.
Shipping/Receiving Address:Building 8, Lane 5600, Chuansha Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai
Delivery express Company:Suitable abundant
Zip Code:200120
Telephone Number:021-50795728
1. The price of the company's products is subject to the consultation quotation (if you have any questions, please call us); 
2, the first order customers, can enjoy discounts or small gifts, the specific offer is subject to the actual;
3, the company's member customers will enjoy the long-term membership price provided by the company;
4. In case of headquarters price adjustment and raw material price fluctuation, the product price shall be subject to the supplementary quotation of the company.
1. All products of the company are delivered after strict quality testing. If the problem is found, the company guarantees to return;
2. If the user does not raise any objection to the product within one month after the arrival of the product, the product will be regarded as an excellent product, and the company will not accept the return, exchange and claim matters;
3. If there is any objection to the product quality, please do not raise it when the product has been used up or will soon be used up, so that the company can recall the product and confirm the product quality.