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Proper dissolution of your sample is necessary for the experiment to begin. However, when faced with hydrophobic polypeptides, how to determine the optimal dissolution conditions will often take a lot of time, and the consumption of samples is inevitable. Excessive consumption may result in insufficient remaining polypeptide samples to complete your subsequent experiments. In addition, incomplete dissolution of peptides will lead to partial sample loss and inaccurate quantification, thus affecting the experimental data.

QYao Biolysis test service can help you more leisurely to deal with various properties of peptides. You will not need to perform additional tests to estimate the solubility of the sample. We will provide you with a complete and customized report on the solubility of the peptide. You can also refer to the polypeptide dissolution guide of Bright Organisms to determine the most suitable solvent to quickly dissolve the peptide to the appropriate concentration.

Service content and delivery:
  • 1
    Evaluate the sequence characteristics of your polypeptide and customize the solubility measurement scheme
  • 2
    Systematically analyze your peptide dissolution characteristics using several of the most commonly used solvents.
  • 3
    We will send the customized solubility test report to you for your reference.
Test Specification Result
Solubility: 1mg/ml in PBS (pH=7.4±0.2) Insoluble
1mg/ml in H2O Insoluble
1mg/ml in 1%DMSO Insoluble
1mg/ml in 50%ACN/50%HCOOH Soluble

*We will try three commonly used solvents (PBS (pH 7.4 ± 0.2), pure water, and 1% DMSO) in sequence. If there is no special requirement, we will only try until they can be dissolved. The form of the report table depends on the peptide's own sequence and the dissolution test results within a certain range. The default peptide concentration is 1mg/ml. If you have special needs, you can try as required.