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At present, there are many contents of peptide labeling and peptide modification in peptide synthesis customization. Commonly used are N-terminal labeling or modification, n-terminal fluorescein modification, photosensitizer modification, N-terminal fatty acid modification, C Terminal labeling or modification, phosphorylation labeling, disulfide bond cyclization, lysine modification, high amino acid modification, PEG modification, single label, double label, azide modification, Mal modification, N-Me modification, coupling, etc., have been widely used in the research of peptide synthesis drugs, peptide biology, peptide antibodies and peptide synthesis reagents.

We are able to provide a variety of modified peptide synthesis services according to customer requirements. Currently, non-radionuclide labeling (C13, H2, N15), fluorescent labeling (FAM, FITC, etc.), biotin labeling, phosphorylation modification and so on are widely used.