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Salt transfer service

Unless otherwise noted, synthetic peptides are usually in the form of TFA salts because trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) is often used to cut peptides from solid phase resins during solid phase synthesis of peptides. Trifluoroacetic acid is also used in the purification of peptides by reversed-phase HPLC. But for polypeptides used in preclinical and clinical studies, residual trifluoroacetic acid or fluoride is considered toxic and undesirable. If the residual TFA exceeds a certain concentration, it will not only affect the biochemical properties of the peptide, but also cause false positive results for downstream application.

Strong Yao biological to provide you with free desalination service, free to help you remove the free salt in the sample. If you want to further reduce the TFA concentration and improve the accuracy of the experimental results, we usually recommend conversion to other salts, such as acetic acid and carbonate forms.

Service content and delivery


Note: * Delivery period refers to the working day period.
** Standard TFA removal service, if report is selected, an additional 1 day and report fee will be paid.